Rethinking Place

What is the assumed Where of our creating and community building?  We have all sorts of traditional organizing that assumes we need a Venue, School, or other physical embodiment with its own permitting, policy, hours, ownership, spatial constraints, and rules.  During the pandemic, new Spaces — both local and virtual — stepped into possibilities.  

How do we re-assume the Spaces of where and how we create and collaborate?


Stay tuned for virtual events and local conversations on the Where of Co-Creation.



Rethinking local creative places


rethinking supportive policies and metrics


local communities


virtual communities


measurement, funding, and policy

The Opportunity

Stay tuned for updated information on upcoming workshops and research. 

The Challenge

Power connects with place.  We tend to measure achievement in local creative work by attendance and policy by venue.

What if we could rethink Space to expand the sense of the possible?